Christmas Carols


The blessed story of the Christ,The Babe of Bethlehem,
Is worthy of our song and praise and stirs the hearts of men.
The fullness of God's love divine surrounds the Christ so mild.
Alas how many only know the Saviour as a child?

Our saving hope is all in vain if here our love should cease,
For in the man of Gallilee we find the gift of peace.
'Tis not the babe, but Christ the man, who walked in Galilee.
'Tis not the manger, but the cross, that sets the spirit free.

Be not content this babe to know, nor stay at Bethlehem,
But go with Christ to Calvary's land, beyond Jerusalem.
'Tis there men learn to know the Christ, for there he bore man's sin,
Then open wide the door of heart and let the Savior in.