OSH-507, Good By



1. Farewell, farewell, is lonely sound,
And always brings a sigh,
But give to me that good old word
That comes from the heart, goodby,
Adieu, adieu, may do for the gay,
When pleasure's throng is nigh,
But give to me when lovers part,
That loving word, goodby.

2. On Buena Vista's bloody field
A soldier, dying, lay
His thoughts were of his mansion home
Some thousand miles away;
He called his comrades to his side,
For he had much to say,-
A few brief words to his friends he left,
Some thousand miles away.

3. My fellow comrades, you will tell,
About this bloody fray,
My country's standard, say to him,
Was safe with me this day;
I've made a pillow of it now,
On which to lay my head,
A winding sheet you'll make of it,
When I am with the dead.

4. I know 'twill grieve his inmost soul,
To think that nevermore,
I'll sit with him beside the oak,
That shades his cottage door:
But tell his time-word patriot,
That, mindful of his fame,
Upon this bloody battle field
I sullied not his name.