Changing Seasons



Note that the book from which this song was taken is currently out of print.

1. When winter is over and spring is begun,
When nature is warmed by the rays of the sun;
Our prospects are raised by the opening year,
And fruits are expected when blossoms appear.

2. Our fond expectations thus bear us away,
While beautiful prospects our eyes still survey;
But sudden, a dreadful, and untimely frost
Restores winter's gloom gloom and our hopes are all lost.

3. Just so in a season when conscience awakes,
Calls loudly to sinners their crimes to forsake;
'Tis then, that with pleasing emotion we trace
The tears of the mourner adorning each face.

4. But O! in the midst of this pleasing delight,
We look for the fruit, but it's snatched from the sight;
Some fatal temptations conviction destroys,
And cuts off the hope which had promised us joys.