245t BOZRAH (THE TRAVELER) - as written - Christian Harmony N.C.

Christian Harmony NC

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Who is this that comes from far With his garments dipp'd in blood,
Strong, triumphant traveller -- Is He man or is He God?
I that reign in righteousness, Son of God and man I am;
Mighty to redeem your race, Jesus is your Saviour's name.

"Wide ye heav'nly gates unfold, closed no more by death and sin;
Lo! the conq'ring Lord behold, let the King of glory in."
Hark! th'angelic host inquire, "Who is He, the'almighty King?"
Hark again! the answ'ring choir thus in strains of triumph sing.

He whose pow'rful arm alone on his foes destruction hurled,
He who hath the vict'ry won, He who saved a ruined world.
He who God's pure law fulfilled; Jesus, the incarnate Word;
He whose truth with blood was sealed; He is heav'n's all glorious Lord.