Cooper Revision
to the 1991 Revision version of this tune


Dear friends, farewell! I do you tell, since you and I must part
I go away, and here you stay, but still we're joined in heart.
Your love for me has been most free, your conversation sweet
How can I bear to journey where with you I cannot meet!

Yet do I find my heart inclined to do my work below,
When Christ doth call I trust I shall be ready then to go;
I leave you all, both great and small, in Christ's encircling arms
Who can you save from the cold grave, and shield you from all harms.

I trust you'll pray both night and day, and keep your garments white,
For you and me, that we may be the children of the Light.
If you die first, anon you must, the will of God be done,
I hope the Lord will you reward with an immortal crown.