1991 Denson Revision
to the Cooper book version of this tune


Well may Thy servants mourn, my God,
The Church's desolation;
The state of Zion calls aloud
For grief and lamentation.
Once she was all alive to Thee
And thousands were converted,
But now a sad reverse we see,
Her glory is departed.

And has religon left the Church
Without a trace behind her?
Where shall I go, where shall I search,
That I once more may find her.
Adieu, ye proud, ye light and gay,
I'll seek the broken hearted,
Who weep when they of Zion say
Her glory is departed.

Some few, like good Elijah, stand
While thousands have revolted,
In earnest for the heav'nly land
They never yet have halted.
With such religion doth remain,
For they are not perverted;
O may they all through men regain
The glory that's departed.