49b MEAR

1991 Denson Revision
to the Cooper book version of this tune


Will God forever cast us off?
His wrath forever smoke?
Against the people of His love,
His little chosen flock?

Think of the tribles so dearly bought
With the Redeemer's blood,
Nor let Thy Zion be forgot,
Where once Thy glory stood.

Where once Thy churches pray and sang
Thy foes profanely rage;
Amid Thy gates their ensigns hang,
And there their hosts engage.

And still to heighten our distress,
Thy presence is withdrawn,
Thy wonted signs of pow'r and grace,
Thy pow'r and grace are gone.

No prophet speaks to calm our grief,
But all in silence mourn;
Nor know the hour of our relief,
The hour of Thy return.