Denson Revision
to the Cooper book version of this tune


What's this that steals, that steals upon my frame?
Is it death, is it death?
That soon will quench, will quench this mortal flame,
Is it death? is it death?
If this be death, I soon shall be
From ev'ry pain and sorrow free.
I shall the King of glory see,
All is well, all is well!

Weep not, my friends, my friends weep not for me,
All is well, all is well!
My sins forgiv'n, forgiv'n and I am free,
All is well, all is well!
There's not a cloud that doth arise,
To hide my Jesus from my eyes,
I soon shall mount the upper skies,
All is well, all is well!

Hark! hark! my Lord, my Lord and Master's voice
Calls away, calls away!
I soon shall see -- enjoy my happy choice,
Why delay, why delay?
Farewell, my friends, adieu, adieu,
I can no longer stay with you.
My glitt'ring crown appears in view,
All is well, all is well!